Top 20 Anime you should watch

Top 20 Anime you should watch

November 27, 2017 0 By Nitikesh Pattanayak

You must have completed some of the Anime series but i will try to give you the New Anime Series which will help you to Utilize your time in a good way.

“Ranks will be given on the basis of my Over View. There is no public declaration for the below rank.”

Rank 20

Anime Name: Hunter x Hunter


Rank 19

Anime Name: Kensin


Rank 18

Anime Name: Kuroku No Basket


Rank 17

Anime Name: Death Note


Rank 16

Anime Name: Code Geass

Rank 15

Anime Name: Naruto

Rank 14

Anime Name: Shokugeki no Souma

Rank 13

Anime Name: UQ Holder

Rank 12

Anime Name: Fate/Stay

Rank 11

Anime Name: Magi + Sinbad Story

Rank 10

Anime Name: Black Clover

Rank 09

Anime Name: Shinghekyu no Kyojin (Attack On Titans)

Rank 08

Anime Name: Shinghekyo no Yona 

Rank 07

Anime Name: Boruto

Rank 06

Anime Name: Isekai wa Smart Phone

Rank 05

Anime Name: Otama Game

Rank 04

Anime Name: dragon ball Super

Rank 03

Anime Name: Bleach

Rank 02

Anime Name: One piece

Rank 01

Anime Name: Fairy Tail

Rank 00 (Special)

Anime Name: One Punch Man

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