Get a VPS or Dedicated Server and Manage

Get a VPS or Dedicated Server and Manage

November 9, 2017 0 By Nitikesh Pattanayak

I always prefer DigitalOcean for VPS or Dedicated servers. As its cheap and trust worthy.

  1. Register & verify your account on Digital Ocean. Then Provide your debit/Credit card info for 1 month free trial.
  2. Create a Droplet for your required Server (Linux /Windows Servers))
  3. Create a volume (*If required)

After creation of your droplet, you will be getting one public ip Address.

Now you can add domains from “Networks” Tab.

After adding your domain name, it will provide you with the NameServer Names.

Change the NS records in your Domain Controller.

If you are not familiar with NS records, Then you can change the CNAME A records to the public IP.

Now your Domain is Linked up with your VPS/Dedicated Server.

But after 1 month Digital Ocean will charge more which will be a head ache for you as well. So i would like to introduce one cheap and reliable company.

Recommended Domain/Hosting:


  1. Cheap
  2. Reliable
  3. 24/7 support Team
  4. 99.99% up time
  5. Europe based Servers
  6. High Latency

Personal Experience:

I have been using IDSLogicWebhosting for a long time and the results are really extraordinary. My all Websites have been hosted on this with zero problems. They are planning to provide some packages for the people who are needy of these services at ease.