Electroneum Market Cap value Research.  


Nitikesh Pattanayak
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20/11/2017 12:14 pm  

On Nov 2 - 1 Electroneum was 0.3$

On Nov 3 - 1 Electroneum was 0.1 $

And gradually it decreased to 0.031040$

For more details visit:

As per the Admin the volume got detach for some security reason and Hackerone is working on it. 
I am assuming the Launch date would be mid of December which is not far away. And After the launching date the exchange will happen. In the first day of exchange i am expecting the market value of 0.1$.

As people are eagerly waiting, everyone will try to withdraw there amount and some will keep it for the future and the percentage of people who will deposit is far more than the people who will withdraw.

As i am a former promoter of Electroneum, There are 1000 + guys waiting for the Electronium launch date to deposit their money into it. So that  they can have a grip of ETN.

As per the Expectation, I don't expect ETN to go 0.5$ in 2018 but it will be within 0.1 - 0.3$.


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Nitikesh Pattanayak


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