How to earn money from Cryptocurrencies

How to earn money from Cryptocurrencies

November 26, 2017 0 By Nitikesh Pattanayak

There are lots of requests asking for the same question again and again. So i thought to highlight this to the people with my personal experience in Cryptocurrency world.

I will take Bitcoin As an Example and later on I will add more cryptocurrencies in the topic.

If you don’t know what is Bitcoin, then feel free to read my latest post What is Bitcoin?

Before starting, i would like you to take a look at the below picture.

Bitcoin Increased unexpectedly in 2017. An took the top 1 Highest price cap over the world. And in 2018 Doge Coin will take the same lead. Please find my research Will DogeCoin be $1 in 2018?

Basically there are many business you can do using Bitcoin. Please find the below list of Business with revenue structure. (Italic words for technical references.)

  1. Blockchain Wallet for Bitcoin (Require 1TB Server HDD & 8GB RAM). You will get the fees per transaction.(E.g.: , Its daily transaction is 3,00,000 and charges 1.5$ for one transaction)
  2. Exchange System for multiple coins (Requires Multiple Server with different configurations but for small blockchain coins, you can use only one server for multiple cryptocurrencies.). E.g: Changally
  3. Making ICO/ New Cryptocurrencies. (Requires a huge investment and network)
  4. Trading (There is a post where i have described the Trading techniques which will help you earn some good amount for long term.)
  5. Gambling (Allowed for some countries only and i would not recommend for this.) But you can try making some websites providing services of gambling if you have permit. (E.g.:
  6. You can try investing on new trusted coins where you can expect a better turn over. (E.g: Electronium)


These are the legit methods i have described for earning a lot from bitcoin/crypto market. Please do not follow any scams or websites who will provide free bitcoins in faucet or claims doubling your Money in one day. Using new crypto currencies you can double your money in trading by yourself. So, Do not encourage any fraud websites which will take your valuable time and efforts.

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