Blockchain Consultant

Blockchain Consultant

I have worked in IT Industries with 5 years of experience unprofessionally and 3 years of experience professionally in a good MNC.

While working with the clients, freelancers & enterprises i got to learn many new technologies, Ideas & Automotive strategies. Blockchain, AI, Elastic Search, Clould Analytics and Monitoring platforms & Automation’s in different platforms are the such kind of new technologies.

I am a Full stack & Functional developer with 40+ Programming Languages & Multiple Platform expertise inside the stack.

I have been working with Blockchain development for past 4 years and still does. I have made multiple scripts for Auto Deposit, Auto Withdrawal, ICO’s with ERC20 Token & Minting, Some Proper end to end websites which i can’t name of due to confidentiality.

I do consulting for blockchain as well.

How i do that?

  1. If you want to create an ICO then please send your proposal to and Nitikesh will assign you an expert team who will help you to do it.
  2. If you already have an ICO and want help for crowd sale, then feel free to contact Nitikesh for getting help in Marketing as we have multiple Bots & DM skills to help you get the more investors. (I cant guaranty the deposit but can guaranty the user base count )
  3. If you want to integrate Blockchain for your business then feel free to send us your requirements and we will prepare a solid estimation then after signing off, will work on your project.
  4. We do help for Integrating crypto-currency cores in the Servers and make wallet APIs with a very minimal charges.

How many members in my Team for Blockchain Development?

  1. Designers – 2
  2. Blockchain Developers – 3
  3. Digital Marketing Experts – 4
  4. PM – 1

Trading Advisory:

I do advise people for Trading in cryptocurrencies and how to get profit out of that.

Its always been 200 days Trading strategy. For more details and Advice contact me.