Why Bitcoin price is Down and so do the other Cryptocurrencies?

Why Bitcoin price is Down and so do the other Cryptocurrencies?

January 15, 2018 0 By Nitikesh Pattanayak

There are ups and downs in the trading market. As per my previous post, i have elaborated the Trading logic which included 60% Up and 40% Down in crypto Market. However in special cases Like China Crypto Shut down or Korea Crypto Shut Down issues, It is different. As there are many news papers or people who are very cautious about their money. Like Economics times once posted regarding the Bitcoin that it will be down to 1800$ in 2018. however after 2 days they have delete that listing from google so that no one can find it.


Now economic times itself is promoting Bitcoin. Currently Indian top most company reliance declared to launch JioCoin in India which will be a great turnover in Crypto Market.


Will bitcoin rise again?

Yes of Course. Currently there are 15 million of people are using bitcoin out of 7.6 Billion people. Which is why Bitcoin has a large future to carry on. 🙂

If there would be no ups and down then it should not look genuine.

Currently, there are some political leaders are against Bitcoin because they have a very limited idea about it.

Let us take an example of Jamie Dimon, Who claimed that Bitcoin is a fraud in December 2017.

But in latest post,  Jamie Dimon says he regrets calling bitcoin a fraud.

So guys be careful from the actions you are choosing by watching through media. Be careful and choose your own way to invest in bitcoin other than depending on someone else. 🙂


I hope Bitcoin will reach 60000$ within August ^_^


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